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A comprehensive insurance system for the water and electricity industry was launched


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A comprehensive insurance system for the water and electricity industry was launched

A comprehensive insurance system for the water and electricity industry was launched

The CEO of Satkab Company stated that the mentioned systems have been designed and operated by the private sector and knowledge-based companies, noting: information aggregation, optimal circulation of data required in this field, instantaneous monitoring of relevant information, possibility of reporting actions taken, access to General information for the public and private information for relevant and specific people are the features of this integrated system.

He stated that more than 200 companies in the Ministry of Energy have been organized directly and indirectly by Satkab Company, adding that the re-launch of Satkab Company has been carried out with the focus on supporting domestic construction, export support, investment and research activities and two systems. The mentioned has been implemented with the aim of the mentioned indicators and considering the importance of the mentioned projects, we hope that their implementation will pave the way for further actions.

He went on to explain about the first comprehensive database of water and electricity industry activists (vendor list system) and said: “This system aims to create a dynamic database, reduce human services, reduce waste of time, reduce the cost of paper used to record information.” Reduction of required human services, comprehensiveness of water and electricity industry producer information, possibility of monitoring products produced and approved by the private and other water and electricity industry, ability to evaluate products produced by everyone, improving the level of satisfaction and effective communication of production and design sectors. Implemented for water and electricity industry activists.

The CEO of Satkab’s specialized parent company continued: All economic actors in the country’s water and electricity industry can register and enter the information of their desired product by entering the website of Satkab Company and the “Vendorlist” section, and after confirming the submitted documents, Introduce your product.

According to this report, those interested in using the two systems can get more information in this regard by visiting the website address of Satkab website www.satkab.ir.

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