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Increasing the stability of the electricity network in the northeastern part of Tehran


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Increasing the stability of the electricity network in the northeastern part of Tehran

Increasing the stability of the electricity network in the northeastern part of Tehran

According to the report of the news site of Tehran Regional Electricity Company (Tabesh); Engineer Abdollahi, Director of Transmission Forces of Tehran 2, referring to the achievements and results of this project, including the complete elimination of recurrent leaks of GIS equipment; Optimal and safe operation of equipment; Increasing the reliability of such substations and updating the spare parts information of GIS Resalat substations stated: Due to the operation of the 20.63 kV GIS Resalat substation in 1987 and the lack of major repairs after 33 years, for optimal operation and Safe from the equipment and as a result the continuation of power supply to electricity subscribers and frequent oil leaks of hydraulic jacks and wear of GIS mechanisms washers and lack of access to spare parts of the manufacturer, it was decided that according to the knowledge of internal contractors, contractor companies Complete overhaul and optimization of the mission GIS post.

“Majid Abdollahi” continued in this regard: “Among the measures taken and in progress, the 63 kV switch of the mission post can be replaced with all gaskets and o-rings; Inspect and inspect all parts and send a report if there are major defects; Complete change of hydraulic oil and washing of all oil lines; Replacement of worn hydraulic hoses; Gas leak detection of SF6 compartments and elimination of gas leakage if any; Complete staining of breaker mechanism; Installation of gas gauge (manometer) on all compartments mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the 63 kV switchgear of Resalat post consists of 4 buses, the major repairs of two bays were carried out from 10 Aban 99 to 25 Aban 99, and the other two bays started on 1 January and ended on 28 December 99.

A set of equipment that connects different feeders to the busbar or different parts of the busbar to each other at a certain voltage level is called a switchgear.

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